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Shoot The Apple

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ShootAppleShoot The Apple is another archery game where you have to be very careful and think twice before making a shot. As you might have already guessed,the game is about shooting an apple which is placed on the top of your friend's head. If you manage to make the right shot and hit the apple - you move to the next level where the distance between you and the target increases. If you hit your friend - he die and the game starts from the beginning. Remember that Shoot The Apple game is marked as 15+ and this means that little children should not play it because of the blood and violence. I have played a lot of other games with the same storyline but I am sure that this one is the most colorful and most interesting.

Managing your character in the game is rather simple. All actions are made using mouse. Press the mouse right click to set the angle of the shot and then release the button. Hope you won't kill your friend many times. Enjoy Shoot The Apple archery game at our website.